Sponsorship Opportunities

Our sponsorship tiers, from Platinum to Silver, are all rooted in food innovation, science, safety, security, sustainability, and quality principles. Whether leading as champions, pioneering new pathways, or connecting vital networks, each level plays a crucial role in advancing these essential pillars of the food industry.

During the event, vendors who sponsor can display a banner with their brand, which will be recognized by the MC and the meeting agenda, making it an excellent opportunity for exposure and connections.

The Champions (Platinum Sponsorship) – $10K

Sponsor a lunch/dinner session, speak in a lunch/dinner session, 
a booth space, advertise on the AOAC INTERNATIONAL regional website, and receive one registration.

The Pioneers (Gold Sponsorship) – $5K

Sponsor a lunch/dinner sessions and advertise on the AOAC INTERNATIONAL regional website.

The Connectors (Silver Sponsorship) – $1K

Sponsor coffee/drinks breaks and advertise on the AOAC INTERNATIONAL regional website.

Instructions to Validate Contract

We, the undersigned company, to validate this contract understand:

We will fully pay the Midwest Section of the AOACI for any optional sponsorship via PayPal or debit/credit card.

We understand that this contract will not be processed unless this information is given.

To finalize, please submit the form below with your choice of sponsorship:

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